A lot of people have been asking us some tips on how to prevent getting banned In this post i'll talk about everything you can do to reduce chances to get banned ! If you follow those steps correcly chances to get your account banned will be really really low, trust me 🔒Please put a little bit of effort and read these tips in order to get the highest level of security on your accounts!

Do not change your password & nickname immediately after purchasing an account Since it’s your first log-in on account, from new IP and location, changing the password or nickname may be treated as suspicious activity in case account gets reported or ticketed. It is recommended, to wait at least 24 hours (after first log-in) before you change your password & nickname.

Thanks ofr your trust and your preference in smurfszone!!

Do not share your account Account sharing carries many risks. The main one are differences in location. In case your account gets under supervision of a Riot Games inspector, it might get permanently blocked for account sharing.

Reduce your game activity to a minimum It is recommended to keep your game activity at lowest possible stage. It is a proven fact that toxic players get 85% more permanent bans than players who don’t chat at all. This is due to reports and tickets for toxic people, submitted by other players.d they’re all from real, verified customers. In addition, our primary payment processor is PayPal, the most secure payment service available. 

This tip joins the one above, you should really not open any support ticket to riot as riot will investigate your account | your account may get spotted because of this investigation.

Do not use an email that has been linked to any other league of legends account In order to increase the safety of your account, you should avoid using an email that was previously linked to another league of legends account. So it is recommended for you to create a completely new email for each account.

 REALLY IMPORTANT Change your RIOT ID (with #) You can use this link https://account.riotgames.com/riot-id/change > Log in > riot id > change it > submit

About Us

At SmurfsZone we belive that not everyone can dedicate time to their accounts to simply leveling or play, so we created this space to make it easy for customers to get an account at their fingertips without any effort.

Thanks ofr your trust and your preference in smurfszone!!

Smurfs are accounts belonging to players who already have another main LoL account that is level 30. A smurf will often be a lower level account that a player uses to train on against less skilled opponents. Smurfs from LoL-Smurfs are already level 30 so you don’t need to waste time leveling up again, but are unranked meaning you can still practice against the less skilled opponents. Even the fastest ways to level 30 in League of Legends still take a long time to reach the max level.

We are 100% safe & secure, but don’t just take our word for it – check out our excellent customer reviews on our DISCORD page or our reviews section. All our reviews are handled by independently by Reviews.io – we can’t edit or delete them and they’re all from real, verified customers. In addition, our primary payment processor is PayPal, the most secure payment service available. 

You can contact us through our contact form at the bottom of this page or directly to our email address contact@smurfszone.com 

. Email support is offered 24/7. You can also contact us through our Discord community. Click here if you want to join.

You will receive your account credentials immediately on the ”My Account” page, after you have made the payment. you will also receive the account credentials by e-mail.

Yes, each of our accounts comes with an unverified e-mail.

Our accounts are botted and handleveled accounts, the main difference is the price and the ban rate. The ban rate is where the real difference lies (2% ban for botted accounts, 0.5% for handleveled accounts) and that botted accounts have no recovery information

Don’t worry, you can make the payment with any currency and our platform will exchange it to dollars

A botted acc is :
Leveled by a bot
Way less expensive than a handleveled
Ban chance = 0.6%

A handleveled acc is :
Leveled by a human
More expensive
Ban chance = 0%, you can’t get banned
Comes with full recovery info

Purchase & Pay

After purchasing your LoL account the login details will be displayed INSTANTLY on your email. This automated services works 24/7, 365 days a year – no more waiting for emails with account details in!

We currently accept all of our payments through Wise, PayPal, ApplePay, Google Pay, Credit Cart´s and direct transfer.

1. Where can I find the section? You must be previously registered and you can find the option in MY ACCOUNT.

2. How can I get Smurfszonecoins?
The main way to get the credits will be by adding them with your preferred payment method on the website, you can also open a ticket on our discord and discuss some other payment method to add balance.
You can also earn credits through referrals. For each person registered with your referral code and that person makes a purchase of at least 5$ you will receive 0,20$ Smurfszonecoins (we are still debating whether to increase the reward a bit).

3. What is the value of each Smurfszonecoin? The value is almost equal to the dollar 1 Smurfszonecoin is equal to 1$. 0.20 Credits is equal to 0.20$. Etc.

4. What can you do with these credits? If you have smurfszonecoins in your account you can use them to make direct purchases with them, or use a part of the smurfszonecoins to complete payments with money from your payment methods! For example: If you have 5 smurfszonecoins and a product costs $15you can add those 5 smurfszonecoins as an amount and pay the remaining amount with $10 from your preferred payment method.

5. When error occurs Also, when your discount coupon has not been applied or if an error occurs, we can put the money back into smurfszonecoins so you can keep your remaining balance.

Currently we have Paypal as a payment method disabled but you can join our discord community, open a ticket and make a payment request with PAYPAL.

How does this work?
We have a credit system in oir website; which is a wallet, where we can add SMURFSZONECOINS, you can buy our products using that currency. The way you can do it paying with PayPal is creating a ticket, making payment and you will be receiving your SMURFSZONECOINS which are going to be able to purchase our products.


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