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A: You can find us at https://smurfszone.com/

A: You will receive your account credentials immediately on the My Account” page, after you have made the payment. You will also receive the account credentials by email.

A: The account will always have at least the amount of BE that was in the description, but usually it has a little more, it can have up to 9999 BE more than in the description.

A: Yes, each of our accounts comes with an unverified email.

A: Accounts are guaranteed for life.

A: Absolutely, in fact we encourage you to do so. Also, if you want your account to be more secure, use a different email address for each of your accounts.

A: If you change the account username we have no way of knowing if the account is the same one we sold you. In that case, if something happens, it means that the account warranty is lost. So please do not change the account username.

A: Our accounts are botted and handleveled accounts, the main difference is the price and the ban rate.
The ban rate is where the real difference lies (2% ban for botted accounts, 0.5% for handleveled accounts) and that botted accounts have no recovery information.

A: Easy, just go to the spam area in your email and there should be the message with the txt of your purchase.

it is important to remember that SMURFSZONE is not responsible for business with other members of the discord community who are not part of the staff.

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